Frequently Asked


What are LactoMomma cookies?

Delectable handmade milk booster cookies made with 100% Halal organic ingredients to help lactating mothers increase the quantity and quality of milk.

Are LactoMomma products safe for non lactation or pregnant women, men and children?

Yes they are! LactoMomma cookies are a great healthy snack for anyone. Only lactating mothers will gain the benefits from eating LM.

Can I eat LactoMomma cookies during confinement?

Yes, you can. It’s a great way to supplement a boost in your breast milk production as well as giving Mommas a bit of an energy nudge. We know it’s not easy being a mom so this acts as a functional treat!


However, we do recommend our clients to start eating at the beginning of their last trimester.

Does LactoMomma cookies contain eggs?

Yes, LactoMomma cookies DOES contain eggs. However, the amount is very little at 18 grams per jar or 0.6 grams per cookie. Eggs are a good source of protein which is needed to help new mothers heal. Talk to your doctor if you have you any worries about egg in your diet.

Can I eat LactoMomma cookies if my delivery is via caesarean?

Yes, there is no problem unless you have specific allergies to our list of ingredients.

Do they contain nuts?

Only the flavor Butterscotch Pecan contains peanuts. Chocotella contains hazelnut from Nutella.

Can I eat more than 4 pieces a day?

Yes, you can eat more than 4 pieces a day. In fact, you can eat as many as you want! We do suggest you eat according to your body’s reaction. It’s important that you listen to your body and monitor your progress. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

When can I start eating LactoMomma cookies?

You can start eating at the beginning of the last trimester/7th month/28 weeks.

How many pieces do I eat?

If you’re still in your last trimester, we recommend to take maximum 2 pieces daily.

After delivery we recommend eating 3-4 pieces a day or more!

Why can I only eat a maximum of 2 pieces daily before delivering my baby?

Eating more than 2 pieces of LM Cookies before your expected delivery date can lead to too much breast milk production and induce early labor!


This is because nipple stimulation leads to an increase in the hormone oxytocin, which plays a role in both milk let-down and contraction of the womb.

Can I eat this if I have gestational diabetes during pregnancy?

Our cookies do contain a small amount of sugar and consumption of these cookies should be discussed with your doctor first.

Are LactoMomma cookies gluten free?

No, our cookies are not gluten free.

How can I tell if I need more or less cookies in a day?

If you have been eating the recommended amount in a day but you see only a small difference, then you probably need to eat more cookies, drink more water and be mindful of what’s in your diet!


If you eat the recommended amount and you feel too engorged and the pain is too much to handle, then it’s time to cut back a piece of two.

Does LactoMomma helps Mommas with constipation problem?

Yes, our cookies are rich in dietary fiber thanks to the organic rolled oats and organic golden flax seeds.

How fast is the effect to boost milk supply?

The effect can be as fast as 30 minutes to a few days. The effect on breast milk depends on how fast your body reacts to the cookies and influenced by your lifestyle, diet and stress level.

Can I consume LactoMomma and other lactation products at the same time?

Sure! LactoMomma cookies are all natural and does not contain any form of medication or whatsoever so you can eat a few different lactation products at one time.

How can these cookies boost breast milk?

LactoMomma cookies contains a selection of galactagogues (food that are considered to aid in milk boosting) all rolled into a cookie. Each ingredient like organic coconut oil, organic golden flax seeds, organic brewers’ yeast, and organic rolled oats are great to be eaten on their own to boost breast milk. We’ve just combined them in the right ratio and made it easy for our Mommas to consume! This way, you don’t have to eat a million and one things to get a boost in breastfeeding.


Which flavour works best?

They all work the same. The group of galactagogues is the same in every cookie base. The flavours are just an added bonus.

Why doesn’t my milk increase after eating LactoMomma?

Our cookies may not have an effect on every type of body out there. We cannot guarantee that every Momma who eats LactoMomma cookies will have the same desired effect. If after a few weeks of consuming LM and there still isn’t an improvement, then LM might not be the right match.

Once I start eating LactoMomma cookies, I don’t need to pump anymore, right?

Please don’t stop pumping! Pumping is important to let your body know that there is a demand especially if you’re not direct feeding at all times. Our cookies will provide a supplemental boost to your milk but your body still needs to know that there is a demand for milk.

Pairing pumping and eating LM cookies would yield great results.

Does it really work? I’ve tried other lactation products and it did not make a difference!

All lactation products be it cookies, brownies, teas and more have different formulation, different choices of ingredients. Some might work and some might not. There is no right or wrong choice.

As for LactoMomma, we are proud to say that 95% of our clients have gotten positive results. It’s all about trial and error and finding the best match for your body!

Which is the best flavor?

That’s really up to you to decide! We try to cater to all the different taste preferences right down to texture. So, you can have semi soft texture with fruits in it and some prefer crispier cookies with chocolate!

We have a wide variety for you to choose so be sure to try all the flavors and pick your favorites!

Can I induce lactation by eating these cookies?

Yes, but it needs to be paired with direct latching (with an sns system) and pumping on a tight schedule. We would recommend you do to pay a visit to a lactation counsellor to better understand how you can speed up your induce lactation.

Why don’t any of your products contain fenugreek?

Fenugreek has its pros and cons! For some moms it works well to increase breast milk production but for others it has no effect or even decreases milk production. It can also cause gassiness in both mom and baby, lower blood sugar, cause a very unpleasing smell in mom’s sweat and urine and negatively impact the thyroid hormone. With those cons, we have decided to give fenugreek a no go.

How can I tell if the cookies are working if I’m exclusively breastfeeding?

If exclusively nursing, measuring baby’s weight gain and wet/dirty diaper output would help determine the effectiveness of the cookies. Other possible indicators may include; letdowns, baby seems more content and/or the fullness of breasts.

Can I consume LactoMomma if my baby has Jaundice?

Yes! Babies with jaundice would need to feed more to help reduce their jaundice. Mommas would need to produce more milk for this to happen. However, do consult with your doctor if it prolongs.

Can I consume if my baby has G6PD?

Yes! Our products are all G6PD friendly.

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