Our Story

LactoMomma is a Milk Booster cookie company that was founded in 2016 when one of the founders, Aisyah, was looking to lactate after adopting her first daughter. After trying all the available boosters in the market, she couldn’t find one that tasted great but functioned well. She enlisted the help of her two best friends, Hazie and Farah to help with creating a palatable milk booster. They were convinced that there must be a better and more delicious way to help mothers who were having breastfeeding issues.


Their main mission is to help pregnant and lactating mothers accomplish their dream to breastfeed for up to two years with high quality and wholesome delectable lactation goods. They also aim to collaborate with government bodies, NGOs and hospitals to spread the benefit of breastfeeding.

Natural Ingredients

At LactoMomma we ensure that we carefully select our ingredients. We put a lot of consideration into many aspects such as allergies, G6PD just to name a few. The ingredients used are all natural too. Why? Because what the mommy eats, the baby eats as well.